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In 2014 this Islamic King Begged His Jewish Subjects to Pray for Rain…IT WORKED!

Even though the hundreds of thousands of Jews who used to live in Morocco have dwindled to about 3,000, it didn’t stop King Muhammad from turning to the Jewish community to urgently pray for rain to avert an impending drought.

He sent a royal request to the heads of each Jewish community throughout the country to convene a special assembly in the Synagogues for the implicit purpose or praying for the rain that was desperately needed.

The members of the CCIM (Council of Israelite Communities in Morocco) speedily dispatched a letter to all of the Jews in the country detailing the request of the King and the what the Jews were going to do about it. The letter read:

“In light of the request of his Royal Highness, the King, there should take place in every synagogue [at the same time] a special prayer assembly to plead with the Master of the Universe that He should provide plentiful rain throughout the kingdom.”

On January 14th, 2014 (The 10th of Shevat on the Hebrew calendar), every Synagogue in Morocco was filled with their congregants who prayed fervently to the G-d of the Jews (Hashem) to fulfill their request for rain just before the reading of the Torah.  Their request was granted.  Rain burst forth from the Heavens the following day, and continued to pour down on Morocco many days after without letup, it was truly a gift from G-d and an answer to their prayers.

I’m sure you’re wondering why a Muslim King would go directly to the Jews on his country to avert a drought, and the answer his simple…he followed in the footsteps of his father King Hussein, who frequently turned to his Jewish citizens during times of need.  He even sent a royal representative to the Synagogues before Yom Kippur to ask the Jews to pray for his Kingship.

The Jewish people are the children of G-d, it’s stated numerous times in the Tanach (Jewish Bible)…it’s nice to know that there are still modern Kings that understand this!