Miracles Of Israel…A Must Watch Video

Israel, despite its tiny size, has become a global superpower of innovation, introducing creative solutions to problems of different kinds, and shining brightly as a democratic, economically self-sufficient country whose inhabitants are truly happy.

The State of Israel is a modern nation with magnificent resort hotels gracing its breathtaking seashore, luscious fruits and vegetables, and groves of trees of every description. A trip to Israel today seems almost like a visit to Paradise.

The Jewish people who have come from distant parts of the world have found beneath the lifeless soil springs of water and deep wells, which they have tapped and used to irrigate the land. And behold, green, eye-pleasing, beautiful life has blossomed forth, rewarding the toil and love bestowed on it. Vegetable gardens of every kind and variety, citrus groves, luscious grain fields, and flower gardens have sprung up where there was no life for centuries.

But then they came, those Jewish pioneers, refugees, and displaced persons, people without homes and without a land, destitute and hungry not only for bread but for a place under the sun that they might call home. They gathered out the stones, collected them into heaps, or made walls around their homesteads and little plots. They built the soil, literally from rock bottom. Lovingly, they turned it back to life and fertility, inch by inch. (Miracle of Israel)

We have overcome so much during our 2,000 year exile, people often forget that survival alone is our biggest miracle of all. But we’ve returned to our ancient Homeland and our thriving like never before.