This Is The Face Of The Enemies Of Israel…I Am Begging You To Share This Link


Wafa al-Bass was freed from jail in 2011 – one of over 1,000 Palestinian terrorists and militants released by Israel as part of a prisoner swap for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit – than she vowed to seize every opportunity to take up the terrorist cause that had landed her in prison in 2005.

Arrested after her suicide attempted failed to detonate a 22-pound bomb strapped to the leg and sewn into her underwear as she crossed into Israel via the Erez Crossing, Bass remained committed to killing Jews.

Asked if she would be a suicide bomber again, she replied without hesitation: “Of course. Why not? This is an honorable thing and I would be a suicide bomber three times over if I could.”

The underlying reason that Israel has been unable to come to terms with the Palestinians – the latter’s repeated failure to accept the legitimacy not only of a Jewish state but of Jewish life – is perfectly summed up in Bass’ grim story.

As she herself says, her one purpose in life is to end it in the service of killing Jews. In that respect, Bass is tragically typical of a Palestinian culture that resembles nothing so much as a modern-day death cult, where dying while killing Jews is considered the holiest endeavor.

Not the least of the problems of modern Palestinian society is how it poisons the minds of its youth. From an early age, children are taught that the murder of Jews is a glorious and praiseworthy achievement. The products of that hateful education do not recognize the basic humanity of Israelis and Jews, and seek to kill them, wherever they may be. Bass is a case in point. “My dream was to be a martyr. I believe in death. I wanted to blow myself up in the hospital, maybe in the one in which I was treated. But since a lot of Arabs come to be treated here, I decided I would go to another. I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews and yes, even babies and children” – she has said. She got her chance at the age of 21, when she was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint after failing to explode her suicide belt. Her target was an Israeli hospital in Beer Sheva.

To seek murder in a place of healing bespeaks a unique kind of evil. But Bass’ target is particularly notable because she had actually been a patient at the hospital, where she received treatment, free of charge, for burns she suffered when a gas tank exploded in a cooking accident. She repaid the favor by returning to kill those who had attended to her. But for a malfunctioning detonator on her suicide belt, she would have achieved her aim. No matter that Israeli doctors had helped her. Bass moral code made no room for the legitimacy of any Jewish life.

Upon release from prison she immediately attained further notoriety by urging Gazans to “take another Shalit” every year until all convicted Arab terrorists held in Israeli prisons were freed. As schoolchildren gathered at her home in northern Gaza to welcome her home, she told them, “I hope you will walk the same path we took and God willing, we will see some of you as martyrs.”

The sad part is that we continue to be naive and ignorant as a country when dealing with an entity that openly seeks our destruction, we are always looking for things to placate them and excuses for their behavior…this quote by her needs to be seered in the mind of everyone who reads this article because there is nothing that can be done for evil this horrifying other than to eliminate it.