Israel’s top 8 most amazing views…these are too stunning for words

Israel is a tiny a country, so tiny that you can traverse the entire country in less than 6 hours by car. Although the small size, Israel is full of amazing spots to visit and enjoy the beauty of the country.  Here are perhaps 5 of the most stunning views that you can witness in the Jewish State, there are of course thousands that could rival the ones you see here, but these will definitely take your breath away!


1. Aish HaTorah Viewing Roof

The views from this are simply magnificent. You will be able to see the Western Wall, with devout Jews busy praying all day long, as well as the Mount of Olives in the distance. Perhaps the most stunning location in the entire Old City of Jerusalem.


2. Bahai Gardens
The view from the top of the Bahai Gardens is simply spectacular. The words cannot explain the beauty of this place so we give to the photo to explain it..
bahai_gardens_haifa (8)


3. Rosh Pina Observation
Rosh pina is not only a beautiful and magical town it also has one of the most beautiful observation in Israel overlooking the beautiful Golan Heights.  [ads] So if you are on the way to Golan area dont forget to have a short visit to this observation.



4. Gamla Observation
Gamla is a small town located on the southern part of the Golan Heights overlooking the beautiful Sea of Galilee.


5. The Urban spot – The Summit Garden (Gan Hapisga) Tel Aviv.
This spot located in the old city of Jaffa, just take a good wine and enjoy the nice breeze from the sea and beautiful view of Tel Aviv shore line.
Hapisga-garden-jaffa (7)


6. Sunrise over Masada

Perhaps the ultimate view in the Holy Land, this one is mixed with history, amazing desert landscapes, and a sunrise that peeks over the mountains of Jordan. It’s an amazing view at any time of the day, but best at sunrise simply for the magical moment the sun pops up over the mountains – hiking the mountain before witnessing the sunrise is even more special!


7. Atop Mount Arbel

One of the most glorious spots in the Galilee is the majestic clifftop at Mount Arbel, the view from here is absolutely stunning as you the lush Galilee landscapes can for miles.


8. Ramon Crater

The magnificent Ramon Crater is one of Israel’s true natural wonders, and the crater views are truly breathtaking.