The Pope Infuriates Israeli Rabbis by Slandering Judaism Again

Israel’s top Jewish religious authorities have relayed the Vatican they are very concerned about disgraceful comments that Pope Francis made about their books of sacred law and have asked for an immediate clarification.

Rabbi Arousi wrote a day after the pope spoke about the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, during a general audience on August 11.

The Torah contains hundreds of Commandments, or mitzvot, for Jews to follow in their everyday lives. The moral compass of the world has been set by the Jewish people, who have adhered to these Commandments for thousands of years.

At the audience, the pope, who was reflecting on what St. Paul said about the Torah in the New Testament, said: “The law (Torah) however does not give life.

“It does not offer the fulfilment of the promise because it is not capable of being able to fulfill it … Those who seek life need to look to the promise and to its fulfillment in Christ.”

Rabbi Arousi sent the letter on behalf of the Chief Rabbinate — the supreme rabbinic authority for Judaism in Israel — to Cardinal Kurt Koch, whose Vatican department includes a commission for religious relations with Jews.

Imagine the fury that would erupt if Israel’s biggest Rabbi slandered Christianity, I’m sure the backlash would be immense.  The Torah IS life itself for the Jewish people, and negative comments from the pope will not change that.