FORBES PRESENTS: The 20 Most Ridiculous Things People Believe About The Hamas/Israel Conflict

  1. Israel started it!;;
  2. War Crime! Israel should have provided Iron Dome to Hamas!
  3. Israeli conspiracy! Hamas is innocent!;
  4. It’s all an Israeli marketing campaign for Iron Dome!
  5. Hamas! Democratically elected terrorists with a heart of gold!
  6. Hamas doesn’t want to eradicate Israel; they’re just frustrated by the occupation…that, uh, ended in 2005!;;
  7. Want peace? Send Hamas more concrete now!
  8. War Crime! Israel has bomb shelters & Gaza doesn’t!;,7340,L-4550733,00.html;
  9. It’s a “cycle of violence”…which ends if the Palestinians get more power!
  10. No human shields, here…it’s just that Gaza is, y’know, small!;
  11. Apartheid!
  12. Genocide!
  13. Hamas: fighting for freedom!
  14. PLO + Hamas “Unity Government”: bold step for peace!
  15. Just critics of Israeli policies; no anti-Semitism here!http://everydayantisemitism.tumblr.com;
  16. There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats on Israel!
  17. Duh they’re good guys – Human Rights is in their name!;;;
  18. But, but – UNWRA says!;
  19. If you can’t trust genocidal terrorists, who can you trust?!?;
  20. It’s the Occupation, stupid!;;;