A fantastic quote from the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, a man who knows Arabs are treated better in Israel than anywhere in the region

A number of musicians have urged performers to boycott Israel in protest at the country’s policies towards Palestinians.

But Mr Lydon said he would not be dissuaded from playing in Israel again. He said: “I will not be denied my audience. Why should Israelis be denied the privilege of hearing us?

“We played to a mixed audience, Muslim and Jewish. PiL has a ‘mosque-y’ song called Four Enclosed Walls and the refrain goes ‘Allah, Allah’. It was wonderful to see Jews and Arabs singing along together.

“That is more of a step towards world peace than left-wing students calling the Jewish state a fascist regime. Really? Have we forgotten World War Two that quickly?”

Mr Lydon, whose autobiography, Anger Is An Energy, is out this week, added: “That nonsense flies in the face of reality.

“Never forget the Holocaust. Some bad people tried to exterminate an entire race of human beings.”

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