The Incredible Moment A River In Israel Is Reborn

Thrilled spectators gathered to watch the powerful display of nature and snap photographs as water filled the dry riverbed in the Negev Desert.

Omri Ginzburg and Gilad Zwebner recorded the two-minute video, which shows floodwaters gushing over the edge of a cliff to the delight of onlookers.

It is believed that the flood occurs when heavy rain falls in mountainous regions several miles away from the massive riverbed made of chalk.

The natural wonder is even described in the Torah.

The river’s source is upon the slopes of the Ramon Crater, one of three Negev craters famed for its geological formations.

It is located at the peak of Mount Negev, approximately 50 miles south of the city of Beersheba, and it ends in the Dead Sea.

The crater is 24 miles long, up to six miles wide and up to 1,640ft deep, and it is shaped like an elongated heart.

The Zin River landscape features plunging canyons and winding dusty paths which cause small waterfalls like the one where the video was recorded. (Georgian Journal)