This Is How Israel’s Vaunted IRON DOME Actually Works

IRON DOME™ Is a multi-purpose combat proven system that detects, assesses and intercepts incoming artillery such as: C-RAM, Cruise Missiles, Precise Guided Missiles (PGM), UAVs, Air Breathing Threats (ABTs) and dense salvos.

IRON DOME is combat-proven, with over 2,000 interceptions. The multi-mission system effectively counters rockets, mortars and artillery shells, as well as aircraft, helicopters and UAVs at very short range.

Other members of the family: I-DOME™ is the all-in-one mobile version, on a single truck, providing protection for motorized or mechanized troop, as well as point air defense for military, industrial and administrative installations. C-DOME™ is the naval version, applying proven capabilities, naval threats protecting ships and other sea-based strategic assets. (RAFAEL WEBSITE)