Muslim girl of 21 asked to take off clothes at Israel border; then she shocked the world with real meaning of Jihad

Wool Safa Samir, a 21 year old woman from Jabalia was undergoing a security check at Erez barrier in Israel. Two years ago, a gas cylinder went off at her place and she got a serious injury. She couldn’t get the required treatment in Gaza, so she was permitted by Israel for treatment at Saroka hospital.

At the security check post, the camera is fixed on her, and she’s being questioned by the Israeli soldiers as she appears to be a suspect. The soldiers ask her for her name: She replies “Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas”.  She was asked about her purpose of visit and she said she was going to the hospital.

BUT… the Muslim girl had other plans… watch what happened next:

She tried to blow herself up several times when she realized she had been caught. But, eventually, she had to unzip her trouser, reach up to the bomb she had tied to her thigh and Boom.

She was allowed to come in for treatment by Israeli authorities and she wanted to blow up the hospital which offered to treat her? Beyond imagination. (INDIAN VOICE)