THE FUTURE IS NOW: Israel tests its new flying car, and all I can say is WOW

We’ve been seeing flying cars of the future on tv shows and movies for decades, but Israel is making this a new reality with the CityHawk, which is the size of a large SUV.

This incredible innovation is planned to be used first for emergency services purposes, whisking patients to hospitals or even bringing doctors to the patient.  Obviously miliary use for such incredible technology is on the horizon.  Below is a drawing of the CityHawk courtesy of Urban Aeronautics.

The X-Hawk and its smaller unmanned version, the AirMule, would be used in search and rescue operations where a helicopter would be useless, or at least very dangerous, such as evacuating people from the upper stories of burning buildings, or delivering and extracting police and soldiers while very close to structures, narrow streets, and confined spaces, with a projected size similar to that of a large van.

The X-Hawk is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft with no exposed rotors, configured as a tandem-fan, turbine-powered vehicle. Pilots will use a fly-by-wire multi-channel flight control system, with an automatic stabilization feature to help control the aircraft and maintain level flight. The ducted fan design allows the car to achieve the speed and maneuverability of a helicopter (Wikipedia) .

Enjoy this video on one of Israel’s most advanced technologies that is changing the world as we know it forever!